Wednesday, 23 January 2013

new year new blog

you may see the dates on these past posts and realise they're all from today...while i'd love for it to be saturday and monday at once, and to have just been to the west country and have watched vintage eastenders all fact i've just transferred all my previous nonsensical ponderings to this new blogspot. 

i shall now endeavour to be more proactive and do more so i'll have more material and experience to the words of bridget jones as she's skydiving into a vat of excrement*...let's see shall we?

*obvs i'm not in ANY way comparing writing blogs to jumping into a pile of shit. (more like jumping into this blog likely to be a pile of shit. really selling myself here. 
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blue monday

so, blue monday is almost over...and while it was clearly invented a few years ago as a pr stunt, i definitely didn't feel on top of the world as i sludged (verb?) through the sludge to the bus stop to wait in the cold and the falling snow, for a bus that took its sweet time coming, to a slow, mundane monday (it's my new discovery that monday and mundane are practically homonyms and so that's why mondays are always so mundane).
my still-hungover-from-saturday-night-and-i-hate-snow face
my still-hungover-from-saturday-night-and-i-hate-snow face
so here are five things to make you banish the monday blues...they work for me at least.
1. girls is on sky atlantic on a monday night
hannah eats cake naked in the bathroom. what of it?
2. property porn. this is my fave thing to do to love / hate my life and lack of long term forward thinking savings plan. i often like to go to and find the most expensive house in wherever my area of choice is at the time. case in point: this amazing former pub in bethnal green. i would totally pay like all my savings to live there (unlikely the owners would accept), but do away with a lot of the junk (though let's face it i'd easily fill it with a lot of my own...
my future home...?
3. talking heads - this must be the place (naive melody)
i will be dancing to this when i'm bridesmaid at (one of) my bff's weddings next year. i need to learn a routine.
4. jeurgen teller. he is my idol and i wish we were bffs and he could just follow me around and document my life in amazing photos. he is exhibiting in london starting in just a few short days at the ica so i am making it my mission to go at least once. i wish i could narrow my favourite photos of his down to one or two, but i can't. here are some that i love.
kate moss chez ronnie wood
marc jacobs daisy
wet puppy - not a euphamism
5. buzzfeed. my current addiction for all things cutefunny, and quiz-based.
best proposal ever?
i need cake!!!
..and there we have it! if you can get away with a sneak peek at any of these in your lunch break (definitely not when you should be working, no way), then it will definitely lift your spirits and / or inspire you to stop spending money down the pub and instead invest into owning one...likely to happen? oh fuck it - live for the moment.
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scent from heaven

i don't know about you, but without a good spray or three of perfume i don't feel ready to leave the house...
my current obsession unfortunately is on the more expensive end of the scale, in the form of diptyque paris' classic philosykos, with its fruity but not too sweet tones ... or, as diptique perfumiers put it rather more poetically, the sun is at its peak. the famous fig tree comes in a different guise, less fruity and warmed till white-hot by a mist of cedar. wooded and racy, the nourishing accents from its bark and luxuriant foliage envelop the scent.philosykos_resizei've also got my eye (nose?) on the lates offering from jo malone, earl grey and cucumber, which i have yet to smell for fear of being hooked...
another one of my loves is gin, and when i wandered into a perfume shop in brighton a year or so ago i was immediately drawn to the penhaligons section, for their amazing packaging if nothing else, and then i saw juniper sling. a hilarious dialogue between me, my dad, and the sales assistant ensured, going something along the lines of
sales assistant: would you like to try the juniper sling?
me: oh yes that's lovely - smells like gin....but if i wear it will i smell of gin? 
dad: no change there then
me: i mean if i wear it will people smell it and think i'm an alcoholic? 
dad: no change there then
2012-Juniper-Slingi'm always on the lookout for a new fragrance, fruity types are my thing...if anyone has any recommendations let me know!
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les musiques que j'aime: poolside

poolside are a daytime disco duo from la and they are fucking amazing. this particular cover of neil young's harvest moon (his way spine tingling original) is unbelievable - i must have listened to it ten times a day since i first heard jarvis cocker (dreamboat) play it on his bbc 6music show on sunday. listen to their sounds on their soundcloud page - it will transport you from wherever you are to a rooftop pool and 30 degree sunshine...
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music for hangovers

music for hangovers
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tender is the night / valley of the dolls

tender is the night / valley of the dolls
books for looks
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to the left to the left

that way
museum of everything.
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